The purpose of this article is to reimagine the Writing Center not as an island removed from the disciplines or resource extending from the English Department, but as the heart of the secondary school. One way to do this is to recognize the need for secondary school writing centers to engage the academic community comprised of the five core disciplines—English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Foreign Language—through advocacy and shared responsibility by means of creating and engaging through agency by utilizing the honor societies in the various disciplines through the local example of the Woodbridge Senior High School’s development of the Viking Learning Center. By engaging and incorporating the honor societies of each discipline, the Writing Center Director can both subversively integrate pedagogical and ideological practices into teacher curriculums and help to counteract the mythological narrative of the Writing Center Director as a sole sufferer. The integration of the honor societies as allies in the Writing Center help share the responsibility of running the center, engage the academic community in writing instruction through inclusion, and train tutors to incorporate writing within their conferences.

Author Biography

Dr. Kyle Trott is a former English teacher. He has earned degrees from Virginia Tech, Arizona State, George Mason, and the University of Kentucky. He currently writes for Prince William County Public Schools.