Getting students engaged in writing in a high school setting is usually challenging and often elicits complaints of boredom. However, the utilization of texts that focus on the experiences of marginalized people and that educates about social injustices can get students interested. When students read texts that inform them about such issues that they might otherwise never hear about and when they are invited to share their views through writing, the door to learning to become critical thinkers and global citizens is opened for them.

Author Biography

Tracy Spurlin-Saravanan currently teaches English 11, AP Lang, and African American History with Chesapeake Public Schools. She has master's degrees in English literature and education. She has taught all high school grade levels. She also teaches composition courses at Tidewater Community College and Norfolk State University. Her research interests include teaching argumentative writing effectively and using texts focused on culturally diverse perspectives and social injustice issues to encourage student writing.