Volume 71, Issue 1 (2021) Summer

The Virginia English Journal is a peer-reviewed journal of praxis for English language arts teacher candidates, practicing teachers, and teacher educators. The purpose of the journal is to provide a platform for sharing (a) research as well as scholarly interests and discoveries, to provide educators with theoretical understandings as well as practioner-friendly ideas; (b) pedagogical strategies, to focus on effective and innovative teaching practices; and (c) perspectives of teacher candidates and graduate students, to include the voice of English and English education majors interested in sharing their ideas with an audience of fellow educators.

Introduction from the Editor's Desk



One Bold Experiment
William D. Smyth

Call to Submissions


Paige Hayes Horst, Ph.D., Radford University

Editorial Assistant and Production Coordinator

Kendra Ristola

Cover Design

Patricia Branch Kosty

Editorial Board

Amanda C. Biviano, Christiansburg High School

Mary Beth Cancienne, James Madison University

Jean Filetti, Christopher Newport University

Courtneay Kelly, University of Lynchburg

Natasha Heny, University of Virginia

Sam Hamilton, Bridgewater College

Adrian Nester, Turnstall High School

Sean Ruday, Longwood University

Sarah Tanner-Anderson, Longwood University

Kyle Trott, Woodbridge Senior High School

Alice L. Trupe, Bridgewater College

Latrese Younger, Hanover County Public Schools

Josh Thompson, Montgomery County Public Schools