Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Daniel Finseth

Second Advisor

Dr. Eric McGregor

Third Advisor

Ronal Alabanza

Degree Award Date



Computer Science, small business, web development, graphic design, HTML, CSS


Business | Computer Sciences | Graphic Design | Software Engineering


This project focuses on combining computer science, business, and graphic design skills to create a website that is useful to first-time business owners. This includes the creation of a small business and a website used to document and address the steps and procedures necessary for opening a small business. Each step was carefully recorded in a “how-to” style, so that anyone interested in opening a business can follow the same procedures. The website contains a combination of text boxes, images, links, and videos (linked to YouTube) used to demonstrate and explain the tedious pieces involved in opening a new business. The website was created using Visual Studio Code, basic HTML and CSS, and Microsoft Azure web services. The goal was to design a website that is visually pleasing and inviting, while also allowing for ease of accessibility and navigation. The processes involved in completing this project included many hours working on the site setup and meeting with the local Small Business Development Center. The ultimate outcome of this project included a small graphic design business and a website detailing the procedures associated with creating a small business—thus, creating a useful resource for those looking to follow this project’s example and open a new business of their own.