The "Framing a Nation" Podcast

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Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Melanie Laliker

Second Advisor

Dr. Steve Ingham

Third Advisor

Dr. Maria Paz Esguerra


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Degree Award Date

Spring 2024


Podcast, Bill of Rights, American Constitution, Constitution, English Common Law, Common Law


Audio Arts and Acoustics | Constitutional Law | Legal | United States History


“Framing a Nation” is a podcast on the historical background of the United States' founding documents. The first season focuses on the Bill of Rights with its origins in the American Revolutionary context and precedent in English Common Law. Rather than being an innovative experiment or any true invention, the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights have deep roots in English legal tradition. They were merely brought to focus and enshrined in light of violations against colonists’ liberties that occurred prior to the War for Independence. On this podcast, each amendment is examined in depth episode by episode to trace back why it was included in the Bill of Rights, how it was understood at the time of its ratification, and how its interpretations have changed since. Bringing in historical analysis along with expert commentary through interviews, “Framing a Nation” combines investigative research with quality audio production for an end product that is both entertaining and educational for a broader audience.

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