Evelyn Simmons

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Manown Kisor, Jr.

Degree Award Date

Fall 1998


Bank mergers, Shenandoah Valley, services offered, services cost


Business | Finance and Financial Management


Bank mergers have been increasingly in the news in the past couple of years. These mergers are creating new larger banks that are causing concerns about competition in smaller markets. These mergers also raise the issue of how small banks are surviving in more competitive markets when these larger banks seem to be better suited for this competition. Both small and large banks are flourishing. In this project, I plan to look into the background of banking and some of its basic principles. Then I will discuss why banks are merging in the numbers that they are and the results of the mergers. Finally, using local banks as my sources of information, I will compare large and small banks with a focus on services offered to customers and costs of these services.