Leslie Smith

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Carl Bowman

Degree Award Date

Spring 1999


Regionalism, Nationalism, United States, Spain, Catalonia, Basque Country


Politics and Social Change | Regional Sociology | Sociology | Sociology of Culture


As we enter the next century, the issues of national and regional identity are looming large in on the horizon. Wars are waged over what some believe are just pieces of land, groups of people are systematically destroyed, and identities are blurred. What causes people to form an identity with an entire country, or a region within it, is a complex mingling of history and culture. This paper will explore the following issues: the nature of nationalism, regionalism in Spain (which is represented by Catalonia and the Basque Country), regionalism in the United States, and a discussion of a powerful state and its link with the destruction of culture.