Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Michael Hough

Degree Award Date

Spring 2005


Beginning Potter, Guidebook, Wheel Thrown Ceramics


Art and Design | Art Education | Art Practice | Arts and Humanities | Ceramic Arts


This manual is intended to be used as a guidebook for the beginning potter. Anyone interested in working in clay on the wheel should find this manual to be of great assistance as it draws information and helpful tips from greats such as Don Davis, Tony Burke, and most notably Michael Rough. Of course, not every in and out of the pottery making process can be outlined here. As you will find out, the clay can have a mind of its own and the potter will be frequently faced with new hurdles. The information provided in this manual is intended to be a starting point, a basis for the beginning potter. My best advice to the beginner who reaches a hurdle not covered by this manual is to proceed forward using the trial and error method. Physically working through the processes and developing your own techniques will be the best learning experience.

Before moving forward into the magical world of wheel thrown ceramics, I warn the beginner that throwing on the wheel may not come easy. Practice will be of the utmost importance. My advice to those who struggle through their first days is to persevere, keep your head up, it will. get easier. Just have fun with it.