Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Eric McGregor

Degree Award Date

Spring 2022


Chrome Extension, JavaScript, Node.js, HTML,


Programming Languages and Compilers | Software Engineering


To improve the process of chatting with one's friends while browsing the Internet, an extension for the Google Chrome browser was made that overlays a live chat onto the active web page of the user. The user can choose a display name and room code in the extension toolbar to be connected to their friends. Once connected, they can send messages back and forth in a chat that persists between web pages. The user can also move the chat in the case it obstructs content on the page. The extension was programmed in Javascript following Chrome's Manifest v3 guidelines and communicates with a server also developed with Javascript and taking advantage of the Node.js runtime. This project will be published on the Chrome Web Store and will be publicly available.

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