Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Joan Hughes

Degree Award Date

Spring 2009


Psychology, Interior Design, relationship


Interior Design | Psychology


As with any subject or field of study, design - namely Interior Design - holds a vast array of concentrations and sub-studies . From a specialty in kitchen design , residential .versus commercial , color and lighting , to Ergonomics , Sustainable design or even Feng- shui , there are a number of related topics to explore in greater depth beyond the general fundamentals of interior design . Design and the Arts have easily been associated with each other seeing as their fundamental principles go hand-in- hand . Conversely, with it being categorized under the sciences , Psychology is often difficult to correlate with Interior Design . However different as they may seem, both fields possess a strong relationship and distinguishable links to each other , providing important elements to the understanding of the effects of design on the human psyche . This project seeks to examine and define those relationships , influences and impacts of design , concentrating on the interior environment , on people psychologically as well as physiologically .