Article Title

Defining "Teacher"


The author takes an etymological look at the term “teacher” to humanize the current post-modern teacher’s quarries as to what their purpose is as a teacher. The author explicates the two terms, didaskalōs and pedagogue, to address the competing ideas of the role of a teacher before asserting that success, or virtue, comes in the form of continued development, paideia, of both the teacher and their students. Concluding that the current teacher doesn’t need to be any kind of teacher other than the one who continues to improve.

Author Biography

Kyle D. Trott is a 10th year English teacher at Woodbridge Senior High School in Prince William County, Virginia. He earned his B.A. in English and M.A.Ed. from Virginia Tech and went on to earn his M.A. in English from Arizona State University. Kyle is currently working towards his Ph.D. in Writing and Rhetoric from George Mason University.