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Class Project

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Spring 2023


The BC Digital Commons (DC) is an open-access robust repository of artifacts, scholarship, publications, performances, events, and more. Through Google Scholar and other search engines, the content is accessed worldwide, yet the DC remains a little-known resource on campus. This fact motivated the director of the Forrer Learning Commons to seek input on how to more effectively increase submissions and the number of users.

The 2023 Strategic Public Relations class (COMM 347) began by educating themselves on the DC and brainstorming about potential advantages from a student’s perspective. They identified stakeholders to interview to determine general awareness and to test reactions of messaging that would generate interest. Interview groups were divided by first-year students, juniors and seniors, and then those who may have submitted content including Flory Honors students who are instructed to upload their final honors project. Faculty are also key constituents, and some were also interviewed to understand their knowledge of the DC for uploading their own research, class projects, and/or encouraging its use as a reliable source.

Over three weeks, the client project followed a standard process of writing a problem statement; conducting interviews; developing goals, objectives, strategies, and tactics (GOST); and creating recommendations and sample products for the client’s consideration. While individual students worked in small groups on those aspects of the project that best played to their strengths – design, content development, social media – the full class of 12 collaboratively developed messaging as well as critiqued each draft product, making any recommendations for edits, to finalize for the client presentation.

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