State of Change: Civil Rights and the Virginia Constitution

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State of Change: Civil Rights and the Virginia Constitution, a Bridgewater College Special Collections exhibit opened April 16, 2021. The exhibit celebrated the 50th anniversary of the 1971 Virginia Constitution. State of Change utilized Bridgewater College's Robert R. Newlen '75 and John C. Bradford Special Collections' primary sources to explore civil rights in Virginia, especially within the context of differences between the 1971 (current) and 1902 (earlier) Virginia Constitution.. The exhibit focused on themes of Virginia constitutional history, slavery in the Shenandoah Valley, African American voting rights, criminal justice, the Civil Rights movement in Virginia, and work by the Church of the Brethren

The exhibit team was managed by Librarian Stephanie Gardner and included Special Collections interns Nathan Bademian and Decklan Wilkerson, both Class of 2021. Kylee Lorio, BC Digital Scholarship Guru, Class of 2022, was the exhibit's graphic designer. Dr. Stephen L. Longenecker, Bridgewater College Edwin L. Turner Distinguished Professor of History was a special guest contributor. Librarian Taylor Baugher designed, coded, and managed the exhibit's website. Baugher also managed the creation of a video introducing the project. Librarian Vickie Montigaud-Green created a display of circulating materials that was exhibited in the John Kenny Forrer Learning Commons. In addition, Montigaud-Green and Bademian curated a robust list of further reading for inclusion on the exhibit's website.

The exhibit's website has been preserved and shared here as pdf files.


PDFs of the presentation material are available below.

Home - State of Change_ Civil Rights and the Virginia Constitution.pdf (285 kB)
State of Change Opening

Home - State of Change_About the Exhibit.pdf (283 kB)
About the Exhibit

1776 - Introduction to the Virginia Constitution.pdf (1373 kB)
1776 - Introduction to the Virginia Constitution

1777-1859 - Pre-Civil War Era.pdf (4471 kB)
1777-1859 - Pre-Civil War Era

1866-1949 - Post-Civil War Era.pdf (26901 kB)
1866-1949 - Post-Civil War Era

1950-1970 - _The Times They Are a-Changin'__ The Civil Rights Movement.pdf (2913 kB)
1950-1970 - _The Times They Are a-Changin' - The Civil Rights Movement

1950-1960 - The Church of the Brethren and the Civil Rights Movement.pdf (37554 kB)
1950-1960 - The Church of the Brethren and the Civil Rights Movement

1963 - The Danville Protests.pdf (5468 kB)
1963 - The Danville Protests

1971-2021 - The 1971 Virginia Constitution.pdf (808 kB)
1971-2021 - The 1971 Virginia Constitution

2021 - Theres Work Left to be Done.pdf (548 kB)
2021- There's Work Left to be Done

State of Change_Civil Rights and the Virginia Constitution.mp4 (385596 kB)
State of Change Presentation Video