Haley Johnson

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Ken Overway

Degree Award Date

Spring 2012


Photovoltaics, History, Current Efficiency, Future Prospects, Solar Power, Bridgewater College


Electro-Mechanical Systems | Energy Systems | Engineering | Mechanical Engineering


Photovoltaics are defined as ''a field of semiconductor technology involving the direct conversion of electromagnetic radiation as sunlight, into electricity'' ( This field of science has existed for at least a hundred years, but continues to be refined and polished down to a more thorough understanding of photovoltaics and solar energy. In this paper I hope to discuss the history of photovoltaics, the current types of products available, and the possibility of a photovoltaic system on the Bridgewater College campus. Bridgewater College was founded in 1880 when the ideas surrounding photovoltaic cells were only beginning to be understood, so it is important that we now take a look at the progression both photovoltaics and the school have made and attempt to create a collaboration that will better the environment and future energy prospects at Bridgewater College.