Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Edgar Lickey

Degree Award Date

Fall 2019


Plants, Toxic, Horses, Survey, Bridgewater College, Pasture Management


Animal Sciences | Plant Sciences


A survey of plants toxic to horses was performed at the Bridgewater College Equestrian Center (approximately 50 acres), and at an abandoned horse pasture on Bridgewater College’s campus (approximately 7 acres), from late March 2019 until September 2019. A total of 38 species were collected with 34 genera, and 23 families found. All plants collected are stored in the Bridgewater College Herbarium (BDWR). Of the 38 species found, 13 were identified as toxic to horses. Online research was conducted on the effects of these plants on the horse with symptoms ranging in severity from mild gastrointestinal upset to death. Proper field and pasture management techniques were also researched.

Recommended Citation

Dugan, Katelyn. "Survey of Plants Toxic to Horses". Senior Honors Projects, Bridgewater College, 2019.