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Honors Project

First Advisor

Daniel Finseth

Degree Award Date

Spring 2024


EY, Accounting, Auditing, Consulting, Big Four, Partnerships




This research project takes a qualitative approach at analyzing the proposed split between the audit and consulting operations of the accounting firm known as Ernst & Young (EY). The two specific research questions this project attempts to answer are: 1. What specific reasons led to the downfall of EY’s proposed split? 2. Could a similar project be more successful in the future for EY or another firm? In order to answer these questions, a variety of articles in reputable business publications pertaining to the EY split were analyzed to get their take on the proposed split. In addition, an assortment of academic journals relating to the structure of partnerships and accounting firms have been analyzed.

Recommended Citation

Long, Joseph. "Understanding the EY Split: A Qualitative Approach." Senior Honors Projects, Bridgewater College, 2024.

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