Rebecca A. Cash

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Randy Young

Degree Award Date

Spring 2013


prejudice, socialization, biases, stereotypes, learned responses, comedy, stand-up comics, reconciliation, forgiveness


Psychology | Social Psychology | Social Psychology and Interaction | Sociology


Studies on prejudice have revealed the importance of socialization on the formation of biases and stereotypes (Katz, 1991), requiring marked effort on the part of the individual to overcome such learned responses (Devine, 2001). Research on reconciliation and forgiveness (Tavuchis, 1993) has shown that the amount of responsibility attributed to the offender and the offender's effort to make a change influence participants' perceptions of bigotry and prejudice in that offender. Participants assessed two scenarios involving two stand-up comics using politically incorrect language. By manipulating the offenders' (comics') background and the video seen, levels of hope and forgiveness for the offender were measured.