Bethany Dunlap

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Alice Trupe

Degree Award Date

Fall 2012


young adult literature, literacy, media, engagement, 6-12 grade levels, Web 2.0


Children's and Young Adult Literature | Education | English Language and Literature | Language and Literacy Education | Reading and Language


My project will consist of three tiers encompassing understanding and knowledge from the areas of young adult literature, literacy, and new media. The goal of the project is to read different types of young adult literature and authors, research current literacy techniques for the classroom, and explore outlets for using new media in the classroom. I hope to gain a breadth of knowledge to prepare myself for teaching young adults at the 6-12 grade levels. I hope to answer the following questions: What aspects of young adult literature make reading interesting and worthwhile to young readers? How are authors connecting with their readership? How can these connections be useful in a classroom? How can literacy be promoted to young people of this generation? How can new media be used in the classroom? What resources are available? How do they work? I will establish a base of knowledge and experience with young adult literature, literacy, and new media and create projects based on this knowledge using Web 2.0 tools to demonstrate my knowledge of the content and ability to use the tools. All of these aspects will come together to answer the question: how can reading be more engaging for today's students?