Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Verne Leininger

Second Advisor

Ron Alabanza

Third Advisor

Dr. Jennie Carr

Degree Award Date



book design, textbook design, math textbook


Book and Paper | Graphic Design | Mathematics


This project focused on the textbook design for Arithmetic: Models and Algorithms, written by Dr. Verne Leininger. The book will be a resource for elementary math teachers. It discusses mathematical operations (including addition, subtraction, and multiplication) and explains several models and algorithms for each one. The goal of the book design was to create an effective layout that would make the book easy-to-read and to create illustrations that enhance understanding for readers. The design process began with researching typical math textbook layouts and creating mockups. The book layout was completed in InDesign and included choosing fonts, styling the headings, and creating a format for the examples. The illustrations were designed in Adobe Illustrator and were incorporated into the layout of the InDesign document. The finished product is a neatly designed resource for teaching math.