Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Scott Suter

Degree Award Date

Spring 5-1-2021


Shenandoah Valley, Virginia, Folklore, Culture, Palatinate, Civil War


Other Arts and Humanities | United States History


The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia has a long and storied history, which has resulted in the development of a rich folklore unique to the area. Stories and traditions have been passed down through generations, often by family and community members but also through the few texts that have been written on the subject. As a writer and local of the area, this cultural tradition has played a significant role in helping me to discover my own voice through looking at the voices that came before me.

This project will fist focus on two significant periods in the history of the Valley, its founding by Germanic settlers and its involvement in the American Civil War. It will then delve into two aspects of culture, the lifestyles of the residents and the traditions of the area. Some aspects of the lifestyles of Valley residents discussed include their living arrangements and occupations. Aspects of the traditions of the Valley include recreational activities, holiday traditions, and food/medicinal recipes.

Recommended Citation

Good, Heather. "Folklore of the Shenandoah Valley.” Senior Honors Projects, Bridgewater College, 2021.

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