Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Elizabeth MacDougall

Second Advisor

Hunter Honeycutt

Third Advisor

Curtis Bradley

Degree Award Date

Fall 2023


Religiousness, Athlete Satisfaction, Collegiate Athletes, Stress, Religion and Spirituality


Other Psychology


In this 2023 study, collegiate athletes at Bridgewater College were examined for their athlete satisfaction. Due to minimal research in collegiate athletes and athlete satisfaction, this research focused on if religiousness was a predictor of athlete satisfaction. 72 athletes participated in the survey. Using the Athlete Satisfaction Questionnaire (Reimer & Chelladurai, 1998), there were eleven facets of interest to examine if religiousness predicted satisfaction. Results showed that Non-Organizational Religious Activity is a significant predictor for Team Integration and Ethics over and above gender and perceived vulnerability to stress. These findings are important to Sports Psychology and coaches because it will help to further understand what contributes to the satisfaction of collegiate athletes.

Recommended Citation

Anderson, Emma. "An investigation of the relationships among religiousness, stress, and collegiate athlete satisfaction." Senior Honors Projects, Bridgewater College, 2023.

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