Chris White

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Gary Adams

Degree Award Date

Spring 1997


Turmmusik, Johann Christoph Pezel, town musicians, Stadtpfeiferei, Germany, sixteenth century


Arts and Humanities | History | Music


My honors project is a study of the town musicians, or Stadtpfeiferei, of Germany during the sixteenth century. In addition to including a discussion of the general history of these musicians, my report will focus on the life and career of a specific Stadtpfeifer -- Johann Pezel. Pezel was important both as a performer and as a composer of his day. My honors project will attempt to shed light on his compositions, career, and his important contributions to German music.

The project will be carried out mainly through scholarly research. In addition, some musical analysis may be necessary for a critical examination of his compositions.