Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Daniel Spitzer

Degree Award Date

Spring 1998


Correlation, Curriculum Content, Career Progress, Business Majors, Economics Majors, Bridgewater College, marketing research techniques, networking


Business | Business and Corporate Communications | Marketing


The thrust of this honors project will be the determination of self reported career progress by as large a fraction as possible of the alumni of the Department of Business and Economics at Bridgewater College. The primary purpose of the exercise is for the students to develop a working knowledge of marketing research techniques and to provide some information, gleaned from the raw data, relating to the factors which support the progress of alumni careers. A secondary objective is that of developing a basis for networking among the alumni and with the College so that future research can measure the effectiveness of college centered, career oriented communications.

The population used will be all Bridgewater College students who graduated with a major in either Business Administration or Economics since 1972. The sampling frame will be the alumni records maintained by the College. Survey instruments will be constructed by the students, and a survey conducted. Various texts on marketing research will be used as technical resources, and a literature study will be carried out as part of the project.

The reported career progress will then be checked for correlation with several variables, including the content of curriculum during the alumnus' sojourn at Bridgewater.