Samantha Rogers

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Laura Echols

Degree Award Date

Spring 2000


Measures of Criminality, Criminal Sentiments Scale-Modified, Pride In Delinquency Scale, Predictors of delinquency


Criminology | Psychology | Sociology


Predictors of delinquency are discussed including sex, age, social class, and family environment. Not one, but a combination of these factors contribute to delinquency. While many psychologist rely on these factors to predict criminality, others turn inward and look at a person's attitude towards crime and delinquent behavior. The Criminal Sentiments Scale-Modified and the Pride in Delinquency Scale focuses solely on a person's attitude toward crime and criminal behavior. This study uses those 2 measures of criminality to examine attitudes toward crime and criminal behavior on the Bridgewater College campus among the student male population. The collected data was compared to previous data collected from a medium security institution in the Ontario region of the Correctional Service of Canada. It is hypothesized that the incarcerated offenders will have higher scores on both the CSS-M and the PID.