Jude C. Clapper

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Erich Brumbaugh

Degree Award Date

Spring 2000


Electrodeposition, Copper Ions, Zinc Ions, Fractals, Diffusion Limited Aggregation Model


Chemistry | Laboratory and Basic Science Research


The diffusion limited aggregation (DLA) process has attracted much interest in recent years both because of its simplicity and because of the variety of patterns it can produce in fractals. In this study, an electrodeposition model of the DLA process was used to grow copper and zinc fractals from copper and zinc sulfate solutions respectively. The fractals that formed were analyzed for a fractal dimension (D) between 1 and 2. The fractals were grown by altering the concentration of the solution, time of growth, voltage of the circuit, and the viscosity of the solution. Results have shown that the fractal dimension does not change when varying any of these conditions, however, varying the volume of solution seems to affect the fractal dimension.