Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Robert Andersen

Degree Award Date

Spring 2000


United States, Promotion of Democracy, Post War Germany


American Politics | History | International Relations | Political Science | United States History


The United States was the most influential country in world politics in the 20th century, and set the foundation for the world stage as we see it today. The promotion of democracy was at the forefront of their policy for the second half of the twentieth century, and it was greatly influenced by the success of the democratization of post World War II Germany. The thesis of this paper is that without the United States economic and political assistance to Germany after World War II the development of the German democracy and democracy throughout the world would not have taken place. The United States policy towards Germany helped r ebuild Germany and Europe. This project focuses on the actual democratization process of Germany by the United States. The interaction between the other allies is also addressed. A major actor in the United States policy was General Lucius Clay, who was the Military Governor of the United States zone during the Occupation of Germany. His implementation of policy is discussed in great detail. The implications of the occupation of Germany were very substantial in terms of consolidating a German democracy and eventually consolidating democracy as the ideal throughout the world. This case study of the German experience discusses how without the United States Assistance that democratic ideal would not exist today.