Staci Harless

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Barbara Long

Degree Award Date

Spring 2001


Stress Levels, Anxiety Levels, Occurrence of Athletic Injuries, Division III Sports


Psychology | Sports Sciences


This study was conducted in an effort to confirm already existing research about stress levels, anxiety levels, and the occurrence of athletic injuries. This study was used to determine if athletes with high stress and anxiety levels also suffered from more athletic injuries during their particular season. The results of this study will be used to determine if stress and anxiety reduction and management techniques need to be stressed by coaches as well as athletic trainers at.Bridgewater College.

To evaluate an athlete's stress level a stress scale was used that was adapted from the "Social Readjustment Rating Scale". To evaluate anxiety levels a Multidimensional Sport Anxiety Scale was given which was taken out of the Foundations of Sports and Exercise Psychology study guide. These evaluations are only an assessment tool, no diagnosis can be confirmed from either one of them.

Seventy-eight Bridgewater College spring athletes were used in this study. Athletes rate of injury was determined by what they stated on their evaluations and also by referring to the rehabilitation and treatment sign in sheet kept in the Bridgewater College training room.

This study confirmed that stress levels are related to the number of injuries but that there is no relationship between anxiety and injuries.