Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Joseph Crockett

Degree Award Date

Spring 2000


Enantiomeric Compounds, Separation




The efforts of this study were focused on an attempted separation of enantiomeric compounds. To achieve these results various chiral packing materials were studied and then applied to both gravity columns and high performance liquid chromatographic (HPLC) methods. Initial results from gravity columns of both starch and P-cyclodextrin showed partial separation. In order to increase the efficiency of the separation, HPLC columns with varying packing materials were explored. Preliminary results indicate evidence of a possible separation with both a 50/50 mixture of P-cyclodextrin/Silica gel and a 75/25 mixture of P-cyclodextrin/Silica gel. With further efforts and improved techniques it is believed that separation can be obtained using these methods.