Alison Evick

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Laura Desportes

Degree Award Date

Spring 2001


Recidivism Rates, Facilities, Services, Juvenile Offenders, Comprehensive Services Act


Applied Behavior Analysis | Psychology


This project sought to compare the rates of recidivism (repeat offenses) among different types of programs, services, or facilities offered to juvenile offenders through information obtained from the Comprehensive Services Act (CSA). The CSA provides funding for programs, such as education and foster care, along with other public services offered to at-risk. Some data were obtained, although actual individual recidivism rates for specific programs or facilities could not be located. Attempts were also made to obtain information from a private specialized foster care program, but were also futile in finding specified repeat offense rate data. All available data were analyzed, and problems with the collection of the desired recidivism rate data were considered.