Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Brian Howard

Degree Award Date

Spring 2002


Design, Implementation, Web-based, Testing Software


Computer Sciences | Software Engineering


Recognizing the ease-of-use and ready availability of Bridgewater's intranet, as well as the potential this resource has as an educational tool, the intention of this project was to create an online-quiz program that would be accessible to both the students and faculty of Bridgewater College through any PC connected to this intranet. If the program is going to be available on the intranet (in this case, "bcnet") and be accessible to all authorized users, it will need to reside on a server that for all practical purposes should be maintained by the IT center. With this in mind, it would be best to design the software so that it affords as much control and autonomy as possible to each individual faculty member. Also understanding that with limited human resources, the IT center would not be able to respond to all faculty requests for information from the data collected by the software. Granting the faculty the ability to directly manipulate and change the data would save an immense amount of time and allow the IT department to take a more passive administrative and support stance by responding to bug reports and maintenance issues as they arise and not providing every report and query as needed by the professors.

The purpose of the software is not only to compose and administer quizzes, but to process the results received by each student user. A complete quiz should have three basic parts: the questions, the given answers, and the results, or a record of how many questions each student answered correctly, incorrectly, or left blank. All three parts should be modifiable by the faculty and read-only by the student users. Faculty members should not have the access to change the structure of the data or the software itself, but merely the data that comprises the questions and answers.