Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Brian Kelley

Degree Award Date

Spring 2002


Profiling, Bridgewater College, Offender, policy violations, major, class, GPA


Criminology | Sociology


Discovering the types of individuals that commit policy violations on college campuses can be of great assistance to the individuals who are trying to help prevent these violations. By knowing whom to target, the administration can be more focused and successful in creating an effective prevention program. The purpose of this study was to attempt to begin the process of creating a profile on the type of individuals who commit policy violations at Bridgewater College. By comparing information about the school's entire population and the population of the offenders, characteristics about individuals appear. Data on major, class, and GPA were analyzed to gain a better understanding of who to direct prevention plans toward and who to beware of on campus. The goal is to obtain as much information on these individual in order to help decrease the rate of repeat offenses. The hopes of this study are to provide helpful information to the administration and to encourage further research into this area.