Beth Cheever

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Michael Hensley

Degree Award Date

Spring 2002


Comparison, Measurements, Body Size, color phases, Gray Phase, Rufus Phase, Eastern Screech Owl, Otus asio naevius, Bridgewater College Ornithological Collection


Animal Sciences | Biology | Ornithology


The eastern screech owl is a polymorphic species that has two distinct color phases: gray and rufus. Using a sample of eighteen specimens from the Bridgewater College Ornithological Collection, various measurements of body size were taken and correlations between them were generated for each phase. When compared using a derived T test score of 0.65 at a confidence interval of 95%, significant differences were found between the relationships of tail length and skull width, facial disk length and talon length, hind toe length and mandible length, talon length and mandible width, skull width and mandible length, mandible width and narial width, tarso-metatarsus length and skull width, and ulna length and talon length, as well as other elements for the respective color phases.