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Honors Project

First Advisor

Tammy Sheehy

Second Advisor

Chase Hale

Third Advisor

Leah Washington

Degree Award Date

Spring 2023


kinesiophobia, return to play, athetics, athletes, sports, kinesiophobia and athletics, psychology, sport psychology, athletic training, bridgewater college athletics


Exercise Science | Sports Sciences


Kinesiophobia is known as the fear of movement, injury, or re-injury. It is the primary psychological construct of the Fear Avoidance Model of Chronic Pain under the biopsychosocial model's umbrella. This study tested the effects of kinesiophobia on return to play of athletes at Bridgewater College. Results found that kinesiophobia had no impact on return to play of female athletes at Bridgewater College. Male athletes have a positive correlation between Return Concerns and kinesiophobia.

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