Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Brandon Marsh

Degree Award Date

Spring 4-29-2023


Concert of Europe, Appeasement, The League of Nations, Locarno Pact, Stresa Conference, Five Power Conference, The Munich Conference


Diplomatic History


During the Congress of Vienna in 1815, the Concert of Europe was developed as a system to prevent another continent-wide war. The Concert was used in diplomatic interactions until July 1914. The Concert was the foundation for the negotiations that attempted, but failed, to avert the First World War. The Concerts failure signified its collapse as a diplomatic system. But the Concert only disappeared in name. In practice, it was used throughout the negotiations of the interwar era, which ultimately resulted in the Second World War. This paper examines seven conferences from the interwar years where the Concert was used. These include (1) the Paris Peace Conference and the creation of the League of Nations, (2) the 1921 Washington Naval Conference, (3) the Locarno Pact, (4) the 1933 Disarmament Conference, (5) the Stresa Pact, (6) the Five Power Conference, and (7) the Munich Conference with a focus on appeasement. In each of these interwar meetings, key tenets of the Concert were present even though the system had supposedly been discarded after the First World War.

Recommended Citation

Harrison, Katelyn. “The Concert System in Interwar Europe.” BC Digital Commons, 2023.