Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. James Josefson

Second Advisor

Dr. Bobbi Gentry

Third Advisor

Dr. Kevin Pallister

Degree Award Date

Spring 4-2023


DNA, dragnet investigation, Fourth Amendment, Privacy, Property, Fourteenth Amendment, Law, Constitution


Constitutional Law | Fourteenth Amendment | Fourth Amendment | Science and Technology Law


DNA dragnets have attracted both public and scholarly criticisms that have yet to be resolved by the Courts. This review will introduce a modern understanding of DNA analysis, a complete introduction to past and present Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment jurisprudence, and existing suggestions concerning similar issues in legal scholarship. Considering these contexts, this review concludes that a focus on privacy and property at once, with a particular sensitivity to the inseverable relationship between the two interests, is Constitutionally consistent with precedent and the most workable means of answering the question at hand.

Recommended Citation

E. Wyatt Jones, "Privacy and Property: Constitutional Concerns of DNA Dragnet Testing," Bridgewater College Digital Commons (2023).

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