Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Barbara Long

Degree Award Date

Spring 2005


Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Rehabilitation Facility, Whirlpools, athletes


Bacteriology | Microbiology | Pathogenic Microbiology


Pseudomonas aeruginosa (P.aeruginosa) is a gram-negative bacterium that flourishes in moist surroundings. This organism character of being highly resistant to drugs and disinfectants make it unique bacteria. Previous research has shown that these bacteria can be a potential risk for immunocompromised patients. This preliminary research was conducted to investigate the presence of the bacteria in a rehabilitation setting and to access the potential risk for athletes. Thirteen whirlpools were cultured from scholastic and college athletic training facilities. Whirlpool drains and turbine samples were smeared on cetyltrimethylammonuium (centrimide) plates and place in a 37° incubator for forty-eight hours. Results showed that 30% of the sample population tests positive for the presence of P.aeruginosa. All positive tests were found within the drain of the whirlpools.