Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Jesse Hopkins

Degree Award Date

Spring 2005


Three Choral Works, Daniel Pinkham, Comparative Study


Music | Musicology | Music Pedagogy | Music Performance


Prolific American composer Daniel Pinkham's (b. 1923) compositional output has spanned over half a century and includes various genres. · Three Choral Works of Daniel Pinkham: A Comparative Study focuses specifically on three independent Pinkham choral works that survey a period greater than fortyfive years. This project will involve analysis, comparison, and performance of these choral works, two in their entirety and selected movements from a third:

1) Wedding Cantata (1959) 2) In the beginning of creation (1970) 3) The Covenant Motets (2001 ) I. Rejoice in the Lord always 11. The word of Christ Ill. Pray without ceasing VI. Farewell

This endeavor will unite research and performance aspects of choral music, culminating in a lecture recital that will feature a performance of the three works under my direction, a brief presentation of my research findings and conclusions, and a program with pertinent program notes. It will rely heavily on direct contact with Daniel Pinkham, correspondence with performers, recorders, and commissioners of his works, and collaboration with Bridgewater College faculty.

This project is a direct result and outgrowth of my personal exposure to the choral compositions of Daniel Pinkham. I have performed his Christmas Cantata and recently collaborated on a choral review of his 2001 The Covenant Motets which was published in the October 2004 issue of the Choral Journal. These experiences have been instrumental in whetting my appetite for further study of Pinkham's choral music. His dramatic and mysterious settings of Biblical texts are unique, innovative, and mesmerizing. They have made further investigation both compelling and inspiring.