Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Deva O'Neil

Degree Award Date



Band pass, gravitational waves, filters, Fourier transforms, capacitor




The purpose of this project was to create activities for undergraduate students that teaches them Fourier transforms and applies them to bandpass filters. The goal was to create a set of exercises for students to complete and publish them to PICUP for other professors to use. This project began by writing code that would successfully Fourier transform a wave with noise. The Fourier transform was used to write a band pass function to filter a bandwidth of interest. Once these codes were working on simple waves, they were applied to LIGO data in order to extract a gravitational wave signal from the noisy data. Once debugged, the code used to filter the gravitational wave data became the basis for a set of exercises developed for PICUP. The exercises are designed so that they are accessible to a student in a second semester physics class. A set of optional exercises were developed and tested to give students the opportunity to build an electronic bandpass in the lab and compare the implementation of the physical filter to the bandpass filter code. It was found that students in General Physics II were able to successfully complete the procedure with some help in setting up the physical circuits.