Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Robyn Puffenbarger

Degree Award Date

Spring 2022


Polymerase chain reaction lab, BIOL-100


Medical Education | Medical Sciences | Public Health


The goal of this Honors Project is to teach non-major biology students (BIOL-100) the concept of genetic testing and the importance of interpreting genetic results. I created a lab manual, a PowerPoint presentation, and quiz assessments to help students easily understand the material while also performing lab techniques that are crucial to scientific research. This is a two-week lab where students will test their own DNA and interpret the results using PCR and gel electrophoresis. In the lab at school, students cannot obtain real genetic results because the lab focuses on a portion of the genome that is not used to create proteins in the body; therefore, it is completely safe for college laboratories under GINA. While performing the lab, I presented a presentation that shows what real genetic results can look like and why it is important for students to understand genetics at a foundational level. The main goal of this project is to stress that the field of genetics is growing exponentially with new technology and the likelihood of individuals receiving genetic testing in their lifetime is extremely high.

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Banton, Taylor. "Genetic Testing for Non-Major Biology Students." Senior Honors Project, Bridgewater College, 2022.

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