Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Jenny Martin

Second Advisor

Denise Miller

Third Advisor

Ron Albanza and Dr. Beth Lehman

Degree Award Date

Spring 2022


Planner, Self-Regulation, Organization, Academic Success, Bridgewater College


Education | Higher Education


The purpose of this project was to research the benefits of planners, and different techniques to organize information in ways that seem reasonable and manageable, with the intent of supporting students in self regulation at Bridgewater College. Planners are very popular forms of organization but in a world of technology, are they still valid? This study focuses on the benefits of using a planner and more importantly a paper planner. In this project, I researched the importance of self-regulation, the benefits of using a planner, techniques for organization and retention, and surveyed the population of Bridgewater College. Self-regulation is a big part of education in elementary or secondary schools, but in college it is not a topic that is discussed much. But, self-regulation skills are needed, possibly even more so in college because of new independence, big life changes, and most importantly, because students are paying for their studies. If a planner can help academic success, how and what do students need to make agendas more accessible? After research, it became clear that there are benefits to using a paper planner and in my project, I compiled my information in the form of a planner that is personalized by Bridgewater College students. I hope to find more techniques to give access to students who need a tool for organization and success in their classes and in college.