Political Marketing: An Analysis of Business Marketing in Politics

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. David Huffam

Second Advisor

Dr. James Josefson

Third Advisor

Dr. Yi Zhang

Degree Award Date

Winter 2020


Bridgewater college, Political marketing, business, politics, marketing, 2020, Presidential Election




Political marketing is a methodology in which political ideas and campaign candidates are advertised to appeal to voters, in exchange for the support of said voters. Following an era of civil activism, natural disaster, technological boom, rampant media, and a global pandemic, as well as strife and unrest, the 2020 presidential electoral campaigns are desperate to position themselves in favor of voters. This paper aims to tackle contemporary politics using business theory by identifying similarities between business marketing and political marketing. Business marketing strategies that apply to politics include the relationship between sellers, products, and buyers, market segmentation, marketing mix, brand loyalty, product development, and product concept. Marketing tools used in business and politics are market research, factor analysis, and media communication. Using anecdotal evidence from the 2020 United States’ presidential election, alongside historical elections, the project objective is to understand and distinguish the true purpose of marketing in business and politics.

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Ignacio, Emily. "Political Marketing: An Analysis of Business Marketing in Politics.” Senior Honors Projects, Bridgewater College, 2020.

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