Sarah Mundey

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Nan Covert

Degree Award Date

Spring 2007


Art, Presentation, Study, creation, academic research


Art and Design | Art Practice | Painting


I am both an intellectual and an artist. I have dedicated my education to pursue development in both of these fields. In my pursuit, I have found that scholarly study and creativity have been equally important. An intellectual thrives on the pursuit of knowledge, through both absorption and innovation. A scholar expands her knowledge through research of the past as well as making new discoveries through personal investigation. Being a scholar is essential in defining myself as I pursue both absorption and innovation. An artist also thrives on the search for innovation and creativity through assimilation, experimentation, and process. Art presents the challenge of creation finding innovation in the ordinary. Perhaps the most important aspect of being an artist is the creative process. Developing and comparing multiple arrangements is essential in developing a strong composition through the combination of form, line, and value within a space. Through this process, it is my goal to express myself as an individual as my artwork represents my intent. Art presents many challenges, as an artist it is essential that I delve through these challenges. As I strive for excellence it is necessary that I express myself as both a scholar and an artist. This expression helps define myself as an individual. To understand fully the synergy between the pursuit of knowledge and artistic creation, this study can only be conducted through a culmination of academic research and creation of art.