Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Jesse Hopkins

Degree Award Date

Spring 2007


Daniel E. Gawthrop, Choral Works, music, performance, music direction, interview


Music | Musicology | Music Performance | Music Practice


This project is designed to provide the opportunity to use the musical skills that I have learned in my studies at Bridgewater College through study and performance of the works of a current and significant composer of choral music. I will prepare the performance of these works with a group of singers, and I will also interview the composer and have him as a mentor for my study and performance.

The beginning step of this process was to select a composer whose works I would study. I chose Daniel Gawthrop because I knew a few of his works and was excited to become aware of more pieces composed by him. I was also drawn to him because he has composed organ works as well, and by him being a local composer I will possibly have the opportunity to talk to him in person. Daniel Gawthrop is a nationally renowned composer and clinician; therefore, the opportunity to learn more about him and his works will be beneficial to me in my further studies and career in choral music.

The practical aspect of this project begins by selecting the pieces to be studied and choosing singers to work with on those pieces. I will then establish a rehearsal schedule, and I will plan and lead rehearsals to prepare the group for the performance. This is valuable experience because I will be able to put to use the skills and knowledge that I have learned at Bridgewater College. This also allows me to refine those skills and further prepare for graduate studies in the field of choral conducting.