David Dorsey

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Caldwell Ratwani

Degree Award Date

Spring 2007


Graphic Design, Nonprofit Business, literature review


Advertising and Promotion Management | Art Practice | Business | Graphic Design


This honors project investigates the connection between effective graphic design and nonprofit business. The project includes both a study of written information and experimentation with the actual connection. Specifically, this project consists of research on how forms of graphic design can positively affect nonprofit business. I have examined literature on this subject, define successful graphic design, and demonstrate how it can aid a nonprofit business in reaching their goals. In addition to study of literature, I have completed graphic projects with a nonprofit business to reveal how it can aid them in reaching their goals. The work I have completed with the nonprofit business has demonstrated the collaborative understanding of the mission and goals they are trying to reach. The principal goal of this honors project was to investigate how my minor in graphic design along with my major in business administration can work together and aid the efforts of a nonprofit organization.