Daniel Rudy

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Stephen Longenecker

Degree Award Date

Spring 2008


Church of The Brethren, Brethren Revival Fellowship, Brethren Para-Church Movement, Protestant, outside influence


History of Christianity | Religion | Religious Thought, Theology and Philosophy of Religion | Social Psychology and Interaction


This paper seeks to examine the origins and development of the Brethren Revival Fellowship in the context of Brethren community as well as a larger Protestant context. Considering that these changes occurred while Brethren began to seek greater interaction with mainstream American religious practice, it is important to ask how much the development of BRF is a result of outside influences on the Church of the Brethren. In considering this question, the developments of American religion in the first half of the twentieth century must be evaluated. After such consideration, the issue then becomes the extent of the impact of these developments, both conservative and liberal, on the thought and practice of the Brethren. Finally, this paper will evaluate the birth and development of the Brethren Revival Fellowship in order to determine the degree of outside influence among the BRF. Ultimately, this paper seeks to answer the question of whether the BFR was a uniquely Brethren expression or the result of Brethren interaction with larger American Protestant thought and practice.