Lauren Crawford

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Kara Vuic

Degree Award Date

Fall 2007


American Women, Pacific Islands, WWII, nurses, Women's Auxiliary Army Corps, logistical and noncombatant duties


History | History of the Pacific Islands | Military History | United States History | Women's History


The women who served in the Pacific, regardless of being an Army or Navy nurse or a member of the WAC, were put in a stressful situation that required them to perform their duties under terrible circumstances. This paper will endeavor to ask why these women, other than the sense of patriotism for their country, joined or committed to be a nurse or Wac. Throughout the paper the term Wac will be used when referring to women enlisted in the WAC, and WAC will stand for Women's Army Corps. Also, the research will explore the hardships they encountered from the harsh environment of the Pacific Islands and how that impacted their living conditions and life while they were stationed there. In addition to the harsh environment this paper will explore the effects of living in a war zone on the women. For example, how did the women have relationships with men on the islands and how did these relationships affect their life on the island? Also, how did women deal with the constant warfare and threat of the enemy? Additionally, the paper will examine the everyday attitudes the women had toward their experiences and how their attitudes affected their lives on the island. It will also consider how these women reflect on their time serving in the Pacific. Lastly, the paper will help to understand the impact that the experience in the Pacific Islands had on these women's lives and also the impact still felt in society, and especially women, today.