Laura M. Daniel

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Jeffrey Pierson

Degree Award Date

Spring 2008


Public Relations, Marketing Practices, American Colleges, American Universities, Bridgewater College


Communication | Graphic Communications | Higher Education | Organizational Communication


The college experience is universal to individuals across the nation, yet also quite personal. The characteristics that distinguish one institution from another are what must be emphasized in order to draw attention to ones own school. The practices of branding, marketing, and positioning have increasingly been utilized by public relations departments in the country's colleges and universities to further their objectives. While these approaches have both positive and negative implications on the culture of the organization, they are often necessary for an institution's survival and success. This study utilizes both a quantitative and qualitative approach to studying Bridgewater College's positioning based on current admissions materials. It takes a unique approach by looking at both the content of the materials, as well as their visual design elements. The examination provides opportunities for further study not only of Bridgewater College as a specific case, but for areas within the broader field of college marketing.