Sara Ann Speed

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Michael Hough

Degree Award Date

Spring 2009


art, photography, portraits


Art and Design | Photography


The twelve photographic portraits that comprise this honors project are grounded in the fact that human beings are extremely complex. They are multidimensional, being physical, mental, and spiritual all at once. Each dimension interacts with, and affects the others; and together they make up the total personality and describe who a person truly is. A good portrait photographer strives to capture that total personality and to translate it into a visual representation. She does not aim simply to make a beautiful image, but to portray her subject's very being, to give a glimpse into his or her reality. Over the years, artists have developed different methods of capturing this total personality. Some photographers try to completely recreate it using a more directorial approach, while others are more documentary, trying to catch a glimpse of the total personality in its natural setting. There is much debate on which of these methods provide the truest representation of who a person is, however, within my own experience I have found that both have merit.