Erica Garrison

Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Dr. Alan Eby

Degree Award Date

Spring 2009


Life Domains Questionnaire, teen pregnancies, intervention program, four aspects, parenting, education, relationships, employment


Education | Educational Methods | Health and Physical Education


The United States has close to one million teen pregnancies each year, resulting in an annual live birthrate of 500,000. These high rates of pregnancies and births has led to the development of many intervention/teaching programs, both in-school and residential. These programs are specifically designed to offer support and to teach teen mothers the skills necessary for them to become self sufficient. The life domains model addresses four aspects of human life: parenting, education, relationships, and employment. These four aspects can be used as a blueprint for intervention. In this study, the life domains model supplied the basis for the creation of an evaluation tool for a newly established intervention program for teen mothers. Initial results from a pilot group helped to validate the instrument's usefulness. Individual client progress as well as overall progress of the program can be measured with this instrument. The questionnaire itself may even prove to be a teaching tool for the teens in the program.