Document Type

Honors Project

First Advisor

Stephen Baron

Degree Award Date

Spring 5-2-2020


Streptomyces sp. SFB5A, 3-Hydroxybutyrate, Glycogen


Environmental Microbiology and Microbial Ecology


Previous research has shown that Streptomyces sp. SFB5A produces PHA depolymerase and forms aerial hyphae, while the bld4 mutant of this species forms aerial hyphae very poorly and does not produce PHA depolymerase. This effect may be due to the mutant’s inability to sense starvation. Therefore, we hypothesized that the bld4 may also be deficient in formation of glycogen and spores, which are both associated with starvation. To test this hypothesis, we grew the wild type (WT) Streptomyces sp. SFB5A and bld4 in broth cultures containing 3HB. We compared 3HB consumption, glycogen accumulation, PHA depolymerase synthesis, protein accumulation, and spore accumulation in both strains over a seven-day period.

Recommended Citation

Francis, MacKenzie. "Glycogen Accumulation by Wild Type and Bald Mutant Strains of Streptomyces sp. SFB5A during Growth on 3-Hydroxybutyrate" Senior Honors Projects, Bridgewater College, 2020.

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